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We continue to meet the display and shelving systems needs of the markets and store chains of the rapidly developing retail sector all over the world with our many years of experience.

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Privacy Policy

Mates SystemPrivacy Policy

Cookie Policy
Mates Store Equipment Industry and Trade Inc. attaches great importance to the confidentiality and protection of the data you have shared with us, including your contact personal data. Our goal is to protect your privacy and ensure the security of the personal data you provide. Personal data processed by Mates System is protected in the best way possible. Mates Store Equipment Industry and Trade Inc. Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698
It carries out personal data processing activities in accordance with the regulations in the (“KVKK”).

Personal Data may also be collected through Cookies depending on the use of the Website, in order to be processed in accordance with the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy on the website (“Website”). By visiting the Website, the User consents to the use of cookies within the scope of the Privacy Policy.

1. What is a Cookie?
Technical communication files called cookies are small text files that a website sends to the user’s computer or mobile phone browser. It is possible to block cookies via the browser. Additionally, Javascript codes for third party platforms may be used on the Website. Information collected when users visit the Site may be used by the mentioned third party platforms. If users visit the Site while connected to their accounts on these platforms, information collected by third parties may be associated. Users can remove cookies and/or stop the notifications in question at any time by editing the settings of the program and/or operating system and/or internet browser on their devices (In this case, it should be noted that our site/relevant device/program may not work as desired and/or you may not be informed of the notification contents).

2. Which Cookies Are Used on the Website?
Cookies can be categorized in terms of their administrators, lifetimes and purposes of use. Accordingly, the cookies used on our Website; Depending on the party placing the cookie, Website cookies and third-party Cookies: While Website cookies are created by Mates Store Equipment Industry and Trade Inc., third-party cookies are managed by different companies in cooperation with Mates Store Equipment Industry Ve Trade A.Ş. Session cookies and persistent cookies, depending on the duration they are active: While session cookies are deleted when the visitor leaves the Website, persistent cookies may remain on visitors’ devices for various periods of time depending on the area of use. Depending on the purposes of use, technical cookies, verification cookies: Targeting/advertising cookies, personalization cookies and analytical cookies are used on the Website.

Cookie applications on the Website use cookies and similar technologies to recognize the priorities of users on the Website and to design the Website in an ideal way. These make navigation easier and make a Website largely user-friendly. Cookie applications used on the Website and their purposes of use;
a. Cookies placed to perform basic functions required for the operation of the Website, for example, allowing members to log in with their membership information.
b. Cookies placed to analyze the Website and improve the performance of the Portal, for example, determining the number of visitors to the Website and making performance adjustments accordingly or making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.
c. Cookies placed to increase the functionality of the website and provide ease of use, for example, to remember the username information or search queries of the visitor on the next visit to the Website or to provide links to third party social media activities through the Website.
D. Cookies placed to perform personalization, targeting and advertising activities, for example, showing advertisements related to visitors’ interests on the pages and products they view.

3. Processed Personal Data
Your personal information, your frequency of visits, your user behavior, the website from which you came to the Website and which site was visited after the Website, IP information, interests and shopping habits for all kinds of products, preferences, tastes and likes, location data. It refers to any information that will enable you to be identified or identifiable.

4. Purposes and Legal Reasons for Processing Personal Data
Our company is Mates Store Equipment Industry and Trade Inc. To be able to benefit from our products and services offered by Mates System under the Mates System without any problems, to analyze your personal shopping habits through automatic systems by providing a personal marketing service about you by obtaining your above-defined information, to make improvements on the Website and to group companies, business partners, It may be processed in cases where it is necessary or mandatory for legally legitimate interests, provided that commercial/financial/legal responsibilities can be fulfilled and/or your fundamental rights and freedoms are not harmed, for use by suppliers and service providers. Your Personal Data, which will enable us to fulfill all these activities, purposes and legal obligations, may be collected based on your explicit consent or the legal legislation to which we are subject, especially KVKK art. In other cases stipulated in 5.2, it is processed and stored by us as the Data Controller, provided that it is not used outside the purposes and scope specified in this Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. In this context, your express permission will also be requested for some legally required applications. Apart from this, you can also reach us through the Website and perform the necessary permission/approval procedures. You can withdraw and cancel the permission/approval you have given at any time using the same method. In all personal data processing activities carried out by Mates Store Equipment Industry and Trade Inc., we act in accordance with the obligations required in all relevant legislation, especially KVKK.

5. Choice Opportunities
If you use the Website, you agree to the use and saving of cookies on your device. However, you can also browse the Website without cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can prevent cookies from being saved on your device by choosing “not to accept cookies” in your browser settings. You can delete previously saved cookies on your device at any time. You can learn how to do this in detail in the instructions of your browser or device manufacturer.

Changes to Cookie Policy
Mates Store Equipment Industry and Trade Inc. With its Cookie Policy, it aims to provide detailed explanations to its Customers or Potential Customers about the scope and purposes of Cookie use and to inform its users about their Cookie preferences. In this regard, it is accepted that consent to the use of cookies is given if the cookie information warning on the Website is closed and the site continues to be used. Users always reserve the opportunity to change their Cookie preferences. The right is reserved to make changes and updates to this Cookie Policy at any time without prior permission from the users. You can access these changes and updates from the links provided to you or from the relevant area at belonging to Mates Store Equipment Industry and Trade Inc.

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