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We continue to meet the display and shelving systems needs of the markets and store chains of the rapidly developing retail sector all over the world with our many years of experience.

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About us

since 1997

Mates SystemAbout us

Mates is always on the move to move you forward.

Acting with the inspiration and ideas it has received from its business partners since its establishment, Mates aims to move its business partners and the industry forward with the products it offers. It grows together with its business partners by prioritizing not only design but also functionality and quality when producing its products.

Mates believes in the rightness of acting together, thinking together, designing together, walking on the same path together for a better life and a better world.

In a rapidly developing world, the retail industry undoubtedly has to keep up with constant change. We are here to adapt these innovations to your stores. With the experience of hundreds of projects, we solve a wide range of design, production and application needs, from supermarket shelving systems to store decoration, warehouse shelving systems, health and cosmetic shelving systems.

Our Mission

Mates aims to continuously improve together with its employees and to satisfy its customers by offering products and services of universal quality and standards. It set out with the dream of becoming a symbol of reliability, continuity and respect for its country, business partners, sales points and sub-industry. It aims to be a well-known and admired brand in the world and in its country with its quality and innovative product groups.

Why Mates System?

It produces its products with the latest technology, functionality, innovative perspective, useful design and correct integration. Designs high-quality store equipment and shelving systems for various functions in store arrangement.

Mates brings an innovative approach to each project. It believes that it needs functional solutions.

Mates continues to contribute to Turkey’s domestic and national production with the export network and employment it has created. It is always open to investment and technological innovations for more employment and more exports.

Efficiency in your store.

We know what your store and workspace mean to you, so we want to help you make productivity in your stores the best it can be. Mates is open to continuous improvement in order to create better-looking furniture, equipment and more functional usage areas, and prioritizes the expectations of its customers.

Mates’ Inspiring Ideas

We Inspire Your Designs and Life
We design the store of the future together and believe in the power of acting together.

Product Range

Diversity is Always Value.

Mates’ shelving systems that ensure the order of your store, functional store equipment, specially designed cash registers where your customers can easily pay, aesthetic middle stands that allow you to display more products in the middle area, warehouse shelving systems that allow you to gain maximum space in narrow areas for your warehouses, all of which are Mates’ customers. It is part of the product range developed for


Mates SystemOur History

Mates System.Our Referances

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