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We continue to meet the display and shelving systems needs of the markets and store chains of the rapidly developing retail sector all over the world with our many years of experience.

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Super Markets

Super Markets

Super Markets

Mates promises a world-class shopping experience with its architectural concept that reflects the new generation retail approach.


Customer satisfaction is vital for supermarkets. Store design should create an environment where customers can move around comfortably, find products easily and have a pleasant shopping experience.

The interior design and decoration of important commercial venues, which offer customers products that meet their basic needs every day, play a major role in enhancing customer experience and optimizing shopping pleasure. Supermarket design must be carefully planned in terms of storage arrangement, shelving arrangement and product display. It is important to place products strategically. You should provide easy access to the customer by highlighting popular products and basic needs. It is also important to group related products closely. Proper lighting can highlight products and improve the store atmosphere. Lighting selection should save energy while increasing the visibility of products.

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